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  1. After going to an individual team page how do I get back to the homepage?

  2. Are the Heading Sizes in important pages fixed?

  3. Are their any limits on the number of sponsors?

  4. Can a fan post a photo, video, or news article on the website?

  5. Can I add PDFor Word document files to the website?

  6. Can I attach documents to announcements or news articles?

  7. Can I change the names of the tabs?

  8. Can I create a photo album?

  9. Can I create an announcement for my entire program without having to go to each team page?

  10. Can I create/remove tabs?

  11. Can I make announcements on my club or school’s main athletic page?

  12. Can I re-order the photos in the scrolling gallery?

  13. Can I remove the “Important Pages” or "Important Links" from my website?

  14. Can you add embed codes to the site?

  15. How can a parent switch from a “fan” to a “parent?”

  16. How can I add sponsors to my school’s main athletic page?

  17. How can I change the order of sponsors scrolling across the screen?

  18. How can I figure out what my username/password is?

  19. How can I manage who is able to use the club chat?

  20. How can I manage who views the team page?

  21. How can I rearrange the order of my school’s teams on the main athletic page?

  22. How can I schedule events for all of my teams at the same time?

  23. How can I sync my team’s schedule to my personal calendar?

  24. How can you add more than 10 roster members?

  25. How come the leaderboard only shows one player?

  26. How come when I add a Hudl video it shows the entire page instead of just the video?

  27. How do fans edit their email preferences?

  28. How do I add a banner?

  29. How do I add a Facebook Page to the team website

  30. How do I add a highlight video for a player?

  31. How do I add a video(s) to my website?

  32. How do I add additional teams to the site such as JV & Freshman?

  33. How do I add administrators to the website?

  34. How do I add HTML code to the website?

  35. How do I add photos?

  36. How do I add staff members?

  37. How do I change the background on my website?

  38. How do I change the calendar view?

  39. How do I change the name of my team?

  40. How do I create a payment page using PayPal buttons?

  41. How do I create a Team Store?

  42. How do I delete games?

  43. How do I delete videos?

  44. How do I disable “fans” from my club or team?

  45. How do I edit the order in which staff members are displayed?

  46. How do I enter stats for my team?

  47. How do I import a roster from an existing team?

  48. How do I import my calendar from Google/Yahoo/Outlook etc?

  49. How do I link a twitter account to my team’s page?

  50. How do I reactivate an expired site subscription?

  51. How do I receive email & text messages as a player, fan or parent?

  52. How do I remove the latest "Updates" section from the team home page?

  53. How do I remove the leaderboard from my Team Page?

  54. How do I send messages to coaches and staff members?

  55. How do I transfer my existing domain to Winito Athletics

  56. How do I turn off the Win/Loss/Tie widget?

  57. How do players/fans/parents receive email and text updates?

  58. How do we get our website on Google? It does not come up on the search engine.

  59. How does chat room talk work?

  60. I already own a domain name, how do I connect it to your platform?

  61. I forgot my password, what do I do?

  62. I have an all school athletic event that I want to add to my school’s athletic page, can I do this?

  63. I have multiple teams, do I manually have to add sponsors to each page?

  64. I have multiple teams, which pictures run across my landing page or primary home page?

  65. I want to plug my Google Analytics code into the site, is there a way to do this?

  66. I would like to add an archives section, how can I do this?

  67. If we link a YouTube video to our website do the ads on the side of a typical YouTube video show on our website?

  68. Is it possible to add an Event to the Calendar without sending an e-mail to everyone?

  69. Is there a fee for creating additional pages?

  70. Is there a limit to the amount of photos I can add to the homepages of my individual teams?

  71. Is there a preferred size to resize the sponsor ads to so they show up unified on the scrolling bar?

  72. Is there a way to add the logo for opposing teams in the Score section?

  73. Is there a way to create password protected pages?

  74. Is there a way to easily move our players amongst different teams?

  75. Is there a way to limit coaches/ admins access to a specific sport/team?

  76. I’m an administrator of the wesite but I’m also listed on the staff page, how do I remove myself and remain an administrator?

  77. I’m concerned about privacy, can anyone become a fan of our website?

  78. Missing events after importing from google calendar

  79. My school has several team sites, how do I manage the school information for the main page?

  80. Same staff member listed multiple times.

  81. Text message features are not working, am I doing something wrong?

  82. The coaches’ email addresses show up as N/A on the main staff page, how do I get them to show?

  83. The pictures I uploaded are coming out very blurry, why?

  84. There are some track and field statistical categories missing from the website?

  85. We do not want a fan page, can we remove it?

  86. We would like to add information from previous seasons. If we do this now, will we still be able to update our current season for the rest of this year?

  87. What are the banner dimensions?

  88. What is the “Can Winito post updates about this club on our Spotlight pages?”

  89. What's the best way to prepare for a new season?

  90. When I enter scores for a game and add pictures to that game, do they automatically get pushed to the slideshow on the home screen?

  91. When I go to add players and staff members I can only add 10, how do I add more?

  92. When I paste text from Microsoft Word it is not formatted correctly. What am I doing wrong?

  93. When I send out text messages via “compose message” tab, my messages have random signs and numbers in it, why is that?

  94. Why are our pictures showing up inverted?

  95. Why is the photo gallery showing the same picture with a spinning wheel?

  96. Why will my calendar not import from Google/Yahoo etc?

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