How do I create a payment page using PayPal buttons?

To add a PayPal button on your website you will first need to create that button from your PayPal account.

Just Login to your PayPal account and select "Merchant Services" and then select "Create payment buttons for your website." On this page there are several different buttons / shopping carts you can use to create your own PayPal buttons. Follow the instructions to finalize the button and Create the Button.

Once the button has been created you will see an HTML code that you will need to copy / paste into your Winito website. 

Adding an HTML button on your site requires our HTML editor. We recommend creating an Additional Page with the title of your choice. Just select Manage -> Add Additional Pages

On that page, select the "<>" button to access the HTML editor.  Here you will need to copy / paste the code that PayPal provides but before you do that you will need to put this code above it: <form></form>

Final Product:


<PayPal Code goes below the <form></form> above>

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